Consent to Release Free/Reduced Eligibility Info

  • Consent to Release Free/Reduced Eligibility Information


    If your child is eligible for free or reduced price meals, he/she also may be eligible for other benefits. In order to receive these benefits, you must provide written consent to permit school officials to give your name, address, and an indication that your household is eligible for free and reduced price meals, to representatives of certain programs. Failure to sign a consent statement that will allow disclosure of this information will not affect your child's eligibility or participation in the school meals program.

    Click here to download a printable consent form.  Please return completed form to:

    Grand Island CSD Food Service Department

    1100 Ransom Road

    Grand Island, NY 14072

    Fax:  716-773-6603


    For questions, please call: 716-773-8885