Home School Information

Home School Information

If you are interested in home instruction for your child, please send a letter of intent to:

Superintendent of Schools
Grand Island Central School District
1100 Ransom Road
Grand Island, NY 14072

Dear Home School Parents or Guardians:             

For your convenience, please click on the appropriate links below to download all necessary documents. Copies are also available at our registration desk at District Office.

Please follow these recommendations:

1)     Please complete and return your IHIP forms. When submitting forms during the school year, kindly use the Quarterly Report Form appropriate to the grade level of your child/children. These reports should be submitted no later than the last day of October, January, March and June. 

 2)     It is recommended that the choice of standardized assessment be submitted no later than the third quarter. Parents cannot be the evaluator of their own child. You do have the option of using the New York State assessment testing at grades 3 through 8 which are administered at your child’s home school. You must contact the school office no later than the first week of September to advise the principal of your interest in this service.

 3)     With regard to the high school level, no high school course credits can be accumulated while a student is on home instruction. If the child should re-enroll in high school, grade level will be determined by the school principal. There is no guarantee that age-appropriate grade level will be accommodated. Examples of writing, projects and evidence of IHIP goals will be requested for review.

4)     Students enrolled in home instruction are not eligible for a high school diploma. A diploma may only be awarded to a student who has completed all program requirements mandated by the Regents and the district. High school level students, may, however, take Regents examinations. These are secure assessments and are administered at the school. Requests to take Regents examinations are to be made to the high school principal no later than the first week of school in September.

We hope this information has been helpful.  Feel free to call 773-8818 if you have any questions.


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