US History - Course Intro

  • 11th Grade United States History


    Mr. K. Murray                                                                                                 Rm. 182

    Miss Silvestri


                Welcome to United States History! We are glad you are all here! We are looking forward to an exciting and interesting year with each of you. We hope you have had an enjoyable summer and that you are ready to learn tons about the country in which we live.


                You will work harder in Social Studies than ever before.  You will have more reading, more homework, more writing assignments, and learn to voice, write, and think critically and analytically.  We are not saying this to scare you or to give you busy work.  We are saying this because New York State is challenging both of us to work harder; they have raised the standards in Social Studies. We have raised our expectations of you in the classroom.  It is our responsibility to cover all the material for the final exam and prepare you for the Regents exam. YOU will be taking a Regents exam at the end of this year.  Passing the exam is essential to graduate. If you work hard and to the best of your ability in this class, you will do very well.  We will be here to assist you whenever needed.


    What will I learn in United States History?

                United States History focuses on the development of a unique American culture.  The course will cover the geography of America, the major developments in politics, economics, and the society of America and the impacts that these movements had on the rest of the world.


    Outline of the Course:  The timeline that we will follow in this class is roughly:


    Unit One: Geography and Introduction

    Unit Two: Constitutional Foundations (1500-1787)

    Unit Three: Challenges of the Early Republic (1787-1825)

    Unit Four: Expansion to Crisis (1803-1865)

    Unit Five: Reconstruction (1865-1877)

    Unit Six: Growth of American Industry and Its Impact (1865-1920)

    Unit Seven: US Becomes a World Power (1854-1920)

    Unit Eight: The Roaring 20’s (1920-1929)

    Unit Nine: The Great Depression and the New Deal (1929-1941)

    Unit Ten: World War II (1941-1945)

    Unit Eleven: Cold War Conflicts (1945-1991)

    Unit Twelve: Domestic Policy (1945-1990)

    Unit Thirteen: Modern US (1990-present)

    (Post Unit): Review for the Exam



    Materials:  To ensure your success in class, there are a few items that you will need to bring a daily basis:

    • Textbook
    • Loose-leaf notebook paper
    • Pens, pencils, and colored pencils

    Note: Blue or black ink is to used for all assignments

    • Three ring notebook with dividers and tabs
    • 3x5 index Cards & a container to keep them in






    1.      Listen to instructions the first time they are given.

    2.      Be in class and seated when the bell rings.

    3.      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    4.      Bring all supplies to class everyday.

    5.      Raise your hand to be recognized before speaking.




    1.      First Consequence: Warning

    2.      Second Consequence: Last one to leave the room

    3.      Third Consequence: Detention

    4.      Fourth Consequence: Call to parents.

    5.      Final or Severe offense: Send to principle










    Teaching is our chosen profession.  It is what we love to do. We look forward to a great year with each of you. Please feel free to contact either of us at anytime about any concerns or contributions we may need to help you succeed in my classroom.  Now, let’s begin our study of US history!










                Procedures are a part of everyday life.  These procedures are an outline of how you will do things in this classroom. It is our expectation that these procedures will become routine and done automatically.


    1. Asking a question: Simply raise your hand, do not blurt out the answer


    1. Assignments: Assignments will be posted on my webpage, as well as the front of the room.  It is your responsibility to write the assignment down.  Assignments will be turned in the next day, unless otherwise indicated. They must be completed in blue or black ink!!! NO GEL PENS!


    1. End of the period class dismissal: The bell DOES NOT mean you can get up and leave. You are dismissed when we instruct you to leave.


    1. Fire Drill: We will have fire drills periodically throughout the year. Please follow the directions and above all, remain quiet.


    1. Grading: You will be graded on many things including a notebook, homework, class work, tests, quizzes, and projects.  Every assignment is given a point value.  The quarter grade will be the total points you earned divided by the total points possible.  We expect you to keep on top of your work and do all assignments daily.  All work is due on time.


    1. Turning in assignments: All assignments should be placed in the bin next to the door labeled assignments.


    1. When you are absent: It is your responsibility to ask me for work you have missed and to get notes from another student or visit my website. We will not chase you all over the school to give you the work that you missed.


    1. When you are tardy: If you are late, you must bring a signed pass or you will be marked tardy.


    1. Extra Help: Just ask. We are available during the school day and after school to help you.  You are welcome to schedule a time to meet with either of us individually.