Of Mice and Men Vocabulary

  • Of Mice and Men Vocabulary                                                            English 9 Honors Quiz Thursday, 10/19

    morosely (adv.): in a sad, gloomy manner

    mottled (adj.): having a variety of hues or colors; variegated, like marble

    recumbent (adj.): still; without movement

    brusquely (adv.): roughly; abruptly

    complacently (adv.): in a pleased, satisfied manner

    derogatory (adj.): belittling and insulting

    mollified (adj.): soothed; pacified

    derision: To deride someone is to make fun of that person. The sound of voices of derision would be the sound of people making fun of, or laughing at, another.

    reprehensible: To reprehend someone is to reprimand or criticize that person. Something that is reprehensible is something that is deserving of criticism.

    bemused: preoccupied; deep in thought

    aloof (adj.): distant; removed; cool

    sullenly (adv.): sadly; in a depressing and gloomy way