England/Ireland Trip - 12/18 Meeting

  • Europe Trip Meeting – December 18, 2013

    Please advise your parents, the information about meetings and the trip can be located on my website.

    Information covered:

    Video on London:



    Students introduced themselves to each other


    Emergency contact info – remind parents enter the information online with NETC


    Any severe allergy information – please have parents email that information to me


    Passport – all should have or have applied at this point


    Holiday wish list (apple converter for apple products, suitcase, mini toiletries, converter for small appliances-dryers, straighteners or try to borrow these items from other family members/friends)


    Will need comfortable shoes, packing clothes to layer


    Tip for guide is 3 euros per day which is 27 euros/$35.00.  This money will be collected by the teachers closer to the trip date because it must be converted to euros


    Roommates – collect lists from students (groups of 3 & 4)


    Manners - Guides in Europe take their jobs very seriously and it is important to be quiet and listen as they speak. 


    We are planning to have a parent meeting in January or February and will advise parents of the date.


    If you have any questions please feel free to contact NETC directly at 1-800-771-2323 or contact either Thomas Gorman at thomasgorman@k12.ginet.org, Jeannine Scibilia at jeanninescibilia@k12.ginet.org, or Bob Simpson at robertsimpson@k12.ginet.org


    To discuss at next meeting:

    Phone options

    Time change/resting

    Roommates- finalize

    How to pack