Principles of Marketing

  • September Class Activities:

    Yearbook and marketing students will be very busy during the month of September. The classwork includes creating superlative categories for the seniors, creating, distributing, and summarizing a yearbook survey of the school population, and creating their 1st copy assignment of the year (JUNIOR PROM).

    October Class Activities:

    Students are designing their 1st sale poster to announce our first presale. Posters will be grade, judged, and hung on on October 7th and 8th.


    Students are learning the 9 components of a good print ad and how advertisers brand their products so we will think of them when we go to purchase goods and services.

    Students will be creating two of their own print ads in class to show what they know and what they have learned.

    Students are doing some touch up work on their print advertising component. The first day students will be working on figuring out what slogans have been effective or popular in the past and what product or service it represents...a few examples:

    "Just Do It!"  NIKE                      "The Uncola"   7-up

    "I'm Lovin' It."  MCDONALDS         "Like a Rock."   CHEVY TRUCK

    -The second day, students will find their own up-to-date slogans with a partner.


    Students will be working on SPORTS LOGOS for possible use in the 2014 yearbook. They have learned about how and why they are used in print ads and will now create dome of their own.

    Simpson's Famous Candy bar quiz was taken by all students....some dod well and others will need a refresher tonight while they re out trick-or-treating!!!

    November Class Activities: Students are working on a collage of their choice. The Venture Yearbook uses a collage every once in a a  while for its cover. Students will learn about a basic collage and put one together on a topic of their choice.


    YEARBOOK PICTIONARY...a Classic Yearbook Game!


    December Class Activities:

    ALL yearbook students will be working on the problem solving method as well as proofing senior portraits and quotes. Editors are in charge of specific pages as underclassmen staff are proofing at least 6 of the layouts.

    January Class Activities:

    Students in the Principles of Marketing classes are working on their 2nd Yearbook Sale posters. They need to come up with a cool graphic, theme, or typography for their poster as well as using all of the information that was given to them in class. Posters are due on Thursday of this week!

    Students are learning the Volumes II online publishing program that we use to piece together the yearbook. Students will be either in the computer lab or using the laptops in class to learn the program and develop three of their own layouts.

    The new semester welcomes the students to finishing up their work on the publishing program that we use to prepare the yearbook. Next week we will talk about and evaluate the SUPERBOWL commercials. What are most and least EFFECTIVE? Commercials with kids or humorous commercial are the most effective and song and dance commercials are said to be the least.

    February Class Activities:

    Students are analyzing Super Bowl commercials and comparing past years with more recent years. They are learning what types of commercials are effective and least effective.

    After commercials, students will be creating an endsheet to accompany one of the cover designs that they voted on for the 2015 school year...


    Students are starting their 3rd yearbook poster to be hung up before the sale around Valentine's Day. A theme or graphic that is the focal point of the poster is a must along with all of the correct information, 4 colors or less, and a good design and effort are what students are graded on. I hear that the yearbook saw its shadow in a couple of posters (GROUNDHOG'S DAY THEMES).


    Students will begin the month long process of creating a cover for the 2015 Venture Yearbook. All students create a cover and we vote on one to become the idea for next year's book. More updates to come on the assignment. It is the 52nd edition of our yearbook.


    March Class Activities:

    Students will learn the simple rules of creating a billboard. They will then be showcasing what they have learned by creating a billboard for either the American Heart Association, Carnival Cruise Lines, M.A.D.D., or the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


    All staff and editors will be proofing Music section material (names) which is the biggest section of names we have to look at.

    April Classroom Activities:

    Students are working on a GRAPHICS PORTFOLIO with a partner...Initial Start Letters, Rule Lines, Graphs, Serif and Sans Serif font are just a few of the items students use to enhance their projects, stories, billboards, or whatever assignments their teachers give them. We also use some of these items when we try to make our book more appealing to the students.







    We welcome back the students to class on the 2nd semester of the school year:

    Students are working on their Cover for 2015 and the following rubric should be used to check your cover before it is turned in.

    Points Breakdown:


    Front of cover


    1. theme and graphic

            -in words and in picture

            -not just pasted on 0—25 points______________


    2. venture 2016

            -appropriate size, shape, font

            -Individual letters 0-10 points_____________


    3. 1 or 2 colors +

            -background colors

                                                 0-10 points______________



    ***individual letters/#’s cut or stickered***


    1. Year-2016

            -appropriate space and size

                                                 0—5 points_______________


    2. “grand island high school”

            -all words

                                                 0-5 points________________


    3. “vol. 53”

                                                 0-5 points________________



    1. neatness                                                                                                              0-10 points________________

    2. effort put in                                                                                                  0-10 points________________


    Total Points for project:                                                                80 points_______________

    It is 1/2 of your final exam grade...



    May Classroom Activities:

    Students will be working on creating a Venture Catalog with items to sell as a fundraiser for the next school year. Students will create 16 items to "sell" along with descriptions. They will create a PRINT AD (9Parts) to accompany their catalog as well as a spreadsheet/Google Sheet as an order form. They will create a front and back cover for their order form. 


    Students will help inventory our yearbooks, alphabetize baby pictures and ad pictures, and receipt yearbooks so they are ready for distribution ot the rest of the student population. Staff is excited for the yearbooks to arrive and see all of the hard work that has went in to the book starting from the creation of the cover last school year to final proofing of our spring sports pages.


    June Classroom Activities:

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