Introduction to Psychology


    Welcome to the world of psychology. My goal is to provide you with an in-depth view of many

    different topics that form the science of psychology. This course will hopefully provide you with a solid foundation necessary for college psychology or, for the Class of 2019, A.P. Psychology next year. These units range from the history of this field of study, its founders and methodology to abnormal psychology; the study of these disorders and treatments for them.  


    This course will have an open learning environment with lots of discussion, hands-on activities, videos, and group participation. This is a fun class - interesting and informative,

    This course will examine the following units:


    1. History of Psychology, Research Methodology and Perspectives.  

    2. The Brain and Biological basis for Behavior

    3. Sleep, Dreams, and Consciousness.

    4. Sensation and Perception.

    5. Learning, Memory and Information Processing.  

    6. Thinking, Language and Intelligence

    7. Psychological Disorders.


               NOTE: All assignments, PPT's, notes, etc. will be posted on Google Classroom.