Economics; the Enterprise System and Finance


    Welcome to Economics; the Enterprise System and Finance. This course provides you with an opportunity to explore and clarify economic issues you will confront throughout your adult life. These economic concerns will affect you as a wage earner, consumer and citizen. The knowledge, awareness, and skills that you gain from your experiences throughout this semester will hopefully provide you with a practical and rational framework for solving the economic challenges in your future.



    Economics is a required course. You need to pass this course In order to be eligible for graduation and to receive your High School Diploma.


    The course is divided into the following units of study:

    Part I: Introduction to Economic Thinking

    Part II: Microeconomics

    Part III: Macroeconomics

                   a. Institutions

                   b. Monetary and Fiscal Policy

                   c. International and Global Economics

    Part IV: Personanl Finance

    Part IV - Comprehensive (Local) Final Examination


    Students will be required to complete a research project for this course. Information/dates will be provided. 

    NOTE: All assignments, PPT's, notes, etc. will be posted on Google Classroom.