Long-Term Effects of the Crusades

  • Long-Term Effects of the Crusades

    The Crusades were a series of wars fought between Christians from Europe and Muslims from the Middle East.  Historians generally consider these wars to be a failure - see the video below for more.

    But were they a failure?  The Crusades had many long term effects on Europe, the Middle East and the world!

    Your Task

    You are to create a slideshow that outlines the long-term effects of the Crusades.  Your slideshow should have at least 6 slides - one title slide, and 5 slides describing the different effects.  Each slide should include:
    a heading
    a picture
    2-3 sentences describing the effect

    This assignment is worth 30 points, and must be shared with Mr. Albert by 2/6/17.

    Good luck!