Athletic Sign Up For Sports/PlanetHS

  • please see "Fall Seasaon" for information about 2020 Fall Season Sports.



    Sign Up For Sports

    In order to sign up for a sport, please refer to the following about setting up PlanetHS accounts for the student and the parent both. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to link the accounts and fill out the forms. 

    Arbiter Athlete Create Account Instructions

    Both a parent and student account must be created and linked together. Create one account first, then use that account to send an invite link to the other. This can be accomplished using th  e "Link Account" tab. Send to either a cell phone number or email address. Then follow the prompts that were sent via text or email to create the new account, and accept the link request.


    Once the account is created, you can start to fill out the forms online and submit them for approval. Explanations of the forms are listed below.

    • Interval Health History Form: This is the old "green sheet" or form that I emailed to you the last few years with the signature on it. The "Date of Last Physical" field is optional, and unofficial. If your child has had an injury/illness since their last physical exam you may need to provide further clearance documentation from the MD before they can participate. Only can be completed within 30 days of the start date of the sport. This is set to expire after 2 months, as long as its approved for the first day of that season it is good for the entire season. So you do not need to update througout each season. This has to be updated prior to every season, and the only form that will need to be completed multiple times during the school year.


    • NYSPHSAA Health Examination: This is the physical or pre-participation exam. Once your account is created, and you have your physical on file at school already or did them at school, the staff will go on and load in your date, no further action is needed for you. If you need a new one, you can upload it directly there, make sure it is legible, and includes the date of exam and MD signature. Or you can submit the paper form via fax, email, or drop it off to the Athletic Office, then the staff will load the date. A NYS Sports Physical is valid for 1 year until the last day of the 12th month, and only has to be valid for the first day of that sport. For example, date of exam 8/12/18 would expire on 8/31/19, and since it covers the first day of a sport, it's good until that season is over. The student would need an updated exam for the next season they participate in.


    • NYSPHSAA Concussion Information: NYS required form stating you have been given educational information about concussion and will report a possible concussion. You must open the document in order to sign it.


    • Sports Health Form: Demographic, emergency contact, insurance information, duty to warn and consent to treat.


    • Athletic Agreement and Code of Conduct: Same Code of Conduct you have signed off on in previous years, just now doing it online. You must open document in order to sign it.


    If you have futher questions please contact Jeff Green, Athletic Trainer at