Global 9H

  • My goal tonight is to inform you about your child’s social studies class this year.  That includes content, grades, rules, & procedures.


    ü      What will my child learn this year?

    *We will be learning about the history, geography, and current events of the non- 

      western worlds (Africa, India, China, Japan, Korea, SE Asia, and the Middle East).


    ü       What are the classroom rules and expectations?

    *Be on time- detention for every third tardy.

    *Be prepared- book, homework, and writing utensil.

    *Be respectful of yourself, others, and myself- disrespect in any form will NOT be


    *Be attentive- listen to instructions.

    *Be responsible- come to class everyday ready to learn.


    ü      Are you available for extra help?

    *OF COURSE! -  After school until 2:30pm or by appointment.  I am also here by

      7 am, if the morning is more convenient.


    ü      How will my child be graded?

    *I grade using a total points system.  Averages are calculated by the number of

      points earned out of the total points possible.

                CLASSWORK = 20-60 points, late assignments are NOT accepted.

    HOMEWORK = 5-20 points, late assignments are NOT accepted.

    TESTS/QUIZZES = 20-100 points, make up tests will be given up to a week

    for students who were absent.

    NOTEBOOK/JOURNAL = 100 points each, every quarter.

                ESSAYS = 50 points, late assignments will lose a letter grade everyday,

    after 5 class periods an F will be given.

    PROJECTS = 100-200 points, late assignments will lose ½ a letter grade


    ILLEGAL ABSENCES FROM CLASS – no credit will be given for assignments

    due that day or assigned that day.

    EXCEPTIONS – there are none!  My rules on late assignments are very strict

    & I stick to them.  High school students need to be responsible &

    consequences (low grades) will result if assignments are not turned in on



    ü      What if my child is absent?

    *Your child will have as many days as they are absent to make up missed


    *It is your child’s responsibility to get missed notes and assignments from his/her

      classmates or myself.

    *I will not “beg” your child to hand in their assignments.  If is not turned in on time,

      the assignments will receive a zero, no exceptions!


    ü      Any questions or concerns I didn’t address?







    I am looking forward to an exciting year with your child! 

    Please feel free to contact me at any time throughout the year to discuss any concerns.  Thanks for coming!





                                                                 Mrs. Julie Porter

                                                                                Grand Island High School

                                                                                Social Studies Teacher