Grand Island School District Family Support Services (FSS) Program is excited to offer a variety of programs to families with students in need of mental health support. FSS is a joint endeavor of the Grand Island Central School District Board of Education and the Grand Island Town Board.  FSS has partnered with a variety of providers from the WNY community to offer students opportunities to engage in individual counseling sessions during the school day, at the District Office, or within their school building.  The following service providers are available:

    • Horizon Health Services is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at District Office, for students 13 and over. 
    • Gateway-Longview is at Huth Road and Kaegebein on Fridays to service our elementary students.      
    • Child and Family Services is available on Fridays, at District Office, to service all of our students.
    • Mobile Counseling of NY is at several buildings on Fridays to meet with students of any age.

    Information and referrals to additional outside agencies and resources are also available in order to meet the needs of students and their families.  Needs may include, but are not limited to, behavioral concerns, mental health issues, parenting, marital issues, and alcohol and/or substance abuse. FSS is also able to link families with temporary support for basic needs such as food and clothing.

    These services are coordinated by the counselors, psychologists, and school social workers within each building and Jessica Hutchings, the District Social Worker.  Family Support Services will accept referrals from faculty, staff, students, and families.

    If families are inquiring about counseling or other resources for their children, they should contact the appropriate social worker or counselor directly.

    It is our hope that Family Support Services will continue to expand and provide easier access to essential support services for both our students and their families in an effort to further promote healthy families and academic success.


    Please see the list below to determine who to contact if you are interested in mental health counseling for your child.   

    Brodie Kaiser or Sara Pratt - High School Social Workers

    Jessica Hutchings - Middle School Social Worker 

    Alyssa Brown  - Huth Road School Counselor

    Melissa Keem - Kaegebein School Social Worker

    Sara Pratt or Melissa Keem– Sidway Social Workers


    FSS also runs an educational series on emotional wellness.  Parents will have many opportunities throughout the school year to participate in these events virtually or in-person (when Covid guidelines permit).     Please visit the FSS Virtual Office to see when upcoming events are scheduled. 

    Mindful Care

    Past Presentations:

    Vaping: Cutting Edge Information Every Parent Should Know (May 2023)

    Addictive Personality Traits (March 2023)

    Anxiety and Depression in Children and Teens (January 2023)

    The Dark Side of Social Media (October 2022)

    If you are interested in seeing these presentations, please email Jessica Hutchings at jessicahutchings@gicsd.org for the link to the recording.


    Coping with Change

    Student Presentation (middle and high school audiences)

    Parent Presentation (for parents/caregivers with any school-aged child)


    If you are interested in learning more about what the Family Support Services Program offers to families and the community, please contact Jessica Hutchings at jessicahutchings@gicsd.org or call 716-773-8844. 



    Watch this video (see below) to learn how to use the Virtual Family Support Services office.



    Click Here To Visit the Family Support Services Virtual Office.   



    Important Phone Numbers:

    • Spectrum (Kids) Cares: 716-882-4357
    • 24 Hour Crisis Hotline, Erie County Crisis Services:  716-834-3131
    • 24 Addiction Hotline, Buffalo and Erie County:  716-831-7007 

    Mental Health Resources: 

    Drug and Alcohol Education, Intervention and Treatment:

    Domestic Violence: