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  • Chromebook Tips

    How to connect my Chromebook to my Wi-Fi?

    Click this link to learn about connecting your Wi-Fi to the Chromebook.  Please note that you may have to reconnect to Wi-Fi each time you sign in to the Chromebook.

    How do I unblock or enable Adobe Flash Player on websites that require it?

    Click the link to learn about unblocking and enabling Flash on the Chromebooks.

    Google Classroom Tips

    What is Google Classroom?  How does it work? (Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom)

    View the slideshow or watch the video below for directions.  

    How do I join a Google Classroom?

    Click this link to learn about how to join a Google Classroom.

    How do I take a picture of my child's schoolwork and upload it to an assignment in Google Classroom?

    Watch this video for directions. 

    Note: This sample uses a cell phone to take the photo and a Chromebook to upload to Google Classroom. 

    How do I "Turn In" an assignment in Google Classroom that I have completed?

    Watch this video for directions.

    Google Apps for Education Tips

    How to save a picture to my Google Drive?  How can I share it to Google Classroom/through Gmail or add it to a Google Doc/Slides when working on a Chromebook?

    Click this link to learn about how to save a picture to your Google Drive and how to share or add it.

    How and when do I use the "Share Button" in a Google Docs/Slides/Sheets, etc?

    Click this link to learn how to share your files in Google Drive 

    How do I share an image from my phone with my student's GICSD account?

    Click this link to learn how to share an image from your phone with your student's account.

    How do I see all the participants in a Google Meet session at one time on my screen?

    Click this link to learn about using Tiled View in Google Meet when using in Google Chrome.



    What apps are in the Google Suite for Education?

    Please see this link to learn about the apps in the Google Suite for Education.

    Can I print to my home printer from a school Chromebook?

    Most school work should not need to be printed out at home to be completed.  Unfortunately, there are many variables involved with printing at home.  There are so many brands and models of printers that there is no universal way to give directions to connect.  The GICSD Tech Department suggests looking at the following website for general information: https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/7225252?hl=en&ref_topic=3403353    

    How are files stored in Google Drive?  How do I access my files in Google Drive?

    Google Drive is a great place to start when you need to create a new Google product (like a Doc, Slides, Sheets, Site, Drawing, etc.) and when you need to access a Google product that you have already started.  You do not need to go to Docs specifically or to Slides specifically. You can see it all in Drive in one convenient location (drive.google.com or go to the Waffle symbol in a new tab and click Drive.)  Within your own Google Drive, you can create folders to sort files based on subject, topic, etc.  Assignments that are created by the teacher in Google Classroom are accessible through Google Classroom but are also accessible through the Google Classroom folder in Google Drive.

    Do I need to save a Doc/Slides/Sheet when using Google tools?

    You do not need to save your work when using Google Docs/Slides/Sheet. Google saves automatically as you work.  Students should wait to see “All changes saved in Drive” next to the Help drop-down menu on the toolbar before closing. Clicking on “File” and then “Save” is not necessary to save.

    Do I need to be signed into the student’s GICSD Google Account?

    Yes.  If they are signed into a parent’s Google Account or a student’s personal Google Account and go to Google Classroom, they will not be able to join any specific classrooms with the code as outside emails are not part of the GICSD domain.

    What do I do if my email and password are not working?

    Several students have a number in their email addresses after their last name.  If you are unsure of your student’s email or password, let your building librarian know and she can look in the Google Admin portal for you or reset the password.

    What if my question about Google/Chromebooks wasn't answered above? 

    Fill out this Google Form.


    Who can I contact if I need more support?

    We are available through email during normal school hours.

    Janet Balk, Sidway Librarian: janetbalk@gicsd.org

    Stephanie Pritchard, Kaegebein Librarian: stephaniepritchard@gicsd.org

    Freda Orosz, Huth Librarian: fredaorosz@gicsd.org

    Sharyn Mudd, VCMS Librarian: sharynmudd@gicsd.org

    Rachael Grabek, GIHS Librarian: rachaelgrabek@gicsd.org