Grand Island Foundation

  • Distinguished Alumni Award Committee Ceremony

    In 2007, the Grand Island Foundation began the Distinguished Alumni of Grand Island High School. Since that time, several notable alumni have been inducted and recognized on the wall in the high school. 
    Criteria for nominating includes the following:

    • Graduated from Grand Island Senior High School at least 10 years ago
    • Outstanding in his or her profession
    • Excellence in his or her chosen field
    • Outstanding service to community, profession, or cause


    Past Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award 

    Neil Tetkowski - Artist - Class of 1973
    James Desemone - MD FACE - Class of 1975
    Lee Zeplowitz - CPS CFP - Class of 1976
    William Whitford - Sr. Mgr. for Research & Product Dev. - Class of 1972
    Karl Kruetz - Research Scientist - Class of 1987
    Kathryn Hug Anton - FBI Special Agent - Class of 1987
    David Conboy - Engineer/Soldier - Class of 1980
    JP Kennedy - Asst. US Attorney Criminal Chief - 1981
    Andrew Harbison - Doctor of Osteopathy - Class of 1985
    Kevin Erker - Major US Marine Corp - Class of 1992
    Dale Brown - Author - Class of 1974
    Rossano Galante - Musician - Class of 1985
    James Klock - US Secret Service - Class of 1979
    Russell Cerlo - Physical Therapist OCS - Class of 1978
    Suzanne Tomkins - Clinical Professor of Law - Class of 1973
    Elizabeth Robinson Judson PhD - Ceramic Engineer - Class of 1977
    Brett Kern - NFL Punter - Class of 2004
    Dr. Stacey Schroeder-Watt - Pediatric Anesthesiologist at John R. Oishei Children's Hospital - Class of 1992
    Dipak Srinivasan - Space Mission Developer and Implementer at John Hopkins University Applied Physics - Class of 1995
    Dr. Malcolm J. Merriweathermusic - director of New York City’s The Dessoff Choirs - Class of 2003
    Wayne Sharpe - award-winning television and film composer - Class of 1982
    Dr. Anna M. Quider - assistant vice president for federal relations at Northern Illinois University - Class of 2002


    The Grand Island Foundation is working on behalf of the Grand Island Central Schools to attract private funds for educational and extra-curricular activity needs not covered by on-going public support.

    You can help!

    • As a Graduate, you can best appreciate how your educational activities gave you a solid foundation for the future - and how critical it is for today's and tomorrow's students to have similar opportunities.
    • As a Resident, your property values are improved through the community's and school district's contributions to the overall attractiveness of Grand Island.
    • As a Business Owner, your success hinges on Grand Island's ability to prepare well-rounded individuals, able to participate in a vibrant community.
    • As a Parent, you want to ensure that your children continue to receive the very best education and extra-curricular activities available.

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